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Graduation Completion

Doctorate in Sales and marketing

The Doctorate in Sales and Marketing offered by our business school offers advanced knowledge and research-based skills to prepare graduates for leadership roles in the sales and marketing industry. Our program focuses on the latest trends and techniques in sales and marketing, which will help you to develop the necessary skills to become a successful sales and marketing professional. You will receive training in areas such as strategic planning, consumer behavior, data analysis, and communication. You will also have the opportunity to work with faculty members and industry experts to gain insight into the latest trends in the field. Upon completion, you will be well-positioned to take on a leadership role in sales and marketing.

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Doctorate in Sales and Marketing: Accelerate Your Career with the Swiss Online Business School

Study method: 100% Online/self-study

Contains: 4 Modules + Thesis


  • Research Methods

  • Electronic Research Methods,

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Managerial Psychology (can be replaced with a. Accounting or b. finance or c. dynamic website or d. Strategic Management and Leadership for additional fee of 90 CHF)


  • What is the word count for my thesis?

A Doctorate thesis is normally between 45.000 – 60.000 words (from chapter 1 to chapter 5).

In our doctorate programs, you will:

  • Develop and practice innovative research methods.

  • Earn the highest quality of education.

  • Achieve the expertise to publish in peer-reviewed journals.

  • Become a successful doctoral researcher and educator.

Doctorate in details: 

Duration: 2 academic years (18 months)*

Previous study: Master or equivalent OR 7 years Management Experience + a Bachelor or equivalent

Study Fee: click here

English level: IELTS or equivalent (Only for students from non-English speaking countries or students who did not study at English speaking school)

Age: 24 years or older

Note: If you have any doubts about your suitability for this study program please contact us

Academic Information:

following the European Higher Education Area and Bologna Process (EHEA) Standards & guidelines for quality assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG)

EQF: European Qualifications Framework: this program is equivalent to EQF Level 8 (doctoral level)

ECTS: 120 European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System

Accreditations, Quality Assurance & legalizations: Please check here

Award: DBA in Sales and marketing

Study fee

Study Fee: click here

Note: The study fee does not include the submission fee of 7 CHF and the application and reservation fee (to guarantee you a study place) of 95 CHF (one-time payment and non-refundable).

You may check Google, XE, or any other service to know how much, approximately, is the fee in your local currency

*According to, "the duration of the doctorate is not standard: usually, it is between 2 and 7 years, depending on the research field, the school, and the employment (part-time/full-time)."

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