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Why study for a Doctorate at SDBS, the SWISS Online Business School?

There are many reasons to study DBA SDBS, the Swiss Online Business School, however here are the most important 3 questions based on the opinion of our Students.


Our DBA is 120 Credit and can be done in only 2 academic years (18 months). This is the shortest available duration for DBA worldwide. 


Our DBA students are not obliged to have our supervisors, but can have their own supervisors with whom they are familiar.

Affordable fee

Our DBA is the most affordable online DBA in Switzerland and on of the top ten affordable DBA in Europe.


Register now for a better future

we also offer Doctorate in:

  • Doctorate in e-Business and e-Marketing (Social Media)

  • Doctorate in Media and Communications Management

  • Doctorate in Information and Communications Technology

  • Doctorate in International Management

  • Doctorate in Clinical & Pharmaceutical Management

  • Doctorate in Business Law and Public Relations

  • Doctorate in Institutional and educational management

  • Doctorate in Leadership and Change Management

  • Doctorate in Product and Category Management

  • Doctorate in International Relations and Cultural Studies

  • Doctorate in International Hotel and Hospitality Management

  • Doctorate in International Tourism and Events Management

  • Doctorate in Nutrition and Culinary Arts

  • Doctorate in Strategic Information Systems Analysis

  • Doctorate in Strategic Management and Leadership

  • Doctorate in Project Management

  • Doctorate in Human resource management

  • Doctorate in Information and Knowledge Management

  • Doctorate in International Trade and Business Law

Study fee

Study Fee: click here

Note: The study fee does not include the submission fee of 7 CHF and the application and reservation fee (to guarantee you a study place) of 95 CHF (one-time payment and non-refundable).

You may check Google, XE, or any other service to know how much, approximately, is the fee in your local currency

*According to, "the duration of the doctorate is not standard: usually, it is between 2 and 7 years, depending on the research field, the school, and the employment (part-time/full-time)."

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